Back to Basics Beginnings

Why We Do It

Our founder, Beverly Perham, has been providing the 'basics' for children for more than 30 years.  

Just before Christmas in 1984, Beverly Perham used $500 of her own to provide clothing and toys for 30 children who had just arrived on a boat from Haiti with absolutely nothing. From that, she realized there were many children in our own community that don’t even have the basic necessities. Beverly recognized the importance of school children having the basic necessities in which to attend school and learn. As a result, the Back to Basics Angel Program was born. The Back to Basics program provided children with new sneakers, socks and underwear as gifts at Christmas time. Beverly knew that these gifts would be an important gesture to a needy child, and could perhaps change a child’s outlook towards learning. Along the way, Beverly learned that many of the children she helped would still miss school because they could not afford to buy school uniforms. So in 2001, Beverly also began providing new school uniforms for the children. 

How We Do It

The mission of Back to Basics is to

raise children's self-esteem,

keep kids in school,

enable self-sufficiency and

invest in our future; all by

providing NEW uniforms,

sneakers, socks and underwear.

Back to Basics is an all volunteer organization, with 100% of the money raised going directly to the programs.

The Back to Basics Programs are made possible by:

in-kind donations

foundation grants

individual donations

loyal volunteers

Many children and families cannot afford the basics of sneakers, socks and underwear.

A new uniform gives a child the confidence to go to school and be ready to learn.

It is important for kids to feel comfortable in school. Having a new uniform, sneakers, socks and underwear helps them socially, as well as academically because they are not worried that their shirt doesn't fit, or they aren't in uniform.
They want to follow the rules, they want to do what’s right, they want to wear a uniform.  It helps them focus on their school work when they don’t have to worry about those things.

Our Mission